This year, WDV had a successful out in Pioneer League play. 19 of our athletes and one of our coaches were voted as MVP, First or Second Team All-League. This is a tremendous step forward for our growing sports program as we look to continue to excel in athletics in the coming years. Below are the athletes and coach who made the Pioneer All-League Teams:

Program                           Player                                Team/Honor

Girls Volleyball                 Katana Santiago              First Team

Girls Volleyball                 Alina Hunter                    Second Team

Boys Soccer                       Leo Millot                         First Team

Boys Soccer                       Nicholas Jurado              First Team

Boys Soccer                       Kevin Moreno                  Second Team

Boys Soccer                       Raidon Heredia               Second Team

Girls Soccer                       Brooklyn Brown              First Team

Girls Soccer                       Liya Nartey                       First Team

Boys Basketball                Jeff Amaral                       Coach of the Year

Boys Basketball                Ahmose Daniels              Most Valuable Player

Boys Basketball                Jameson Johnson           First Team

Boys Basketball                Caleb Ortiz                        First Team

Boys Basketball                Alonzo Gonzalez              Second Team

Baseball                            Maddox Wiltshire           First Team

Boys Volleyball                Amir Grant                       First Team

Boys Volleyball                Dennis Coleman              First Team

Boys Volleyball                Malakai Tuakoi                MOP

Boys Volleyball                Cody Evans                       Second Team

Girls Beach Volleyball    Alina Hunter                    Second Team

Girls Beach Volleyball     Marizel Portock              Second Team

Softball                               Kennedy Crosby             First Team

Softball                               Jasmine Veal                   Second Team

We also had several standouts from our Girls Swim Team (Tanaz Engineer, Kaia Henty-Dodd, Andrea Cornejo and Taylor Jackson) as well as the Boys Swim Team (Rayan Engineer, Alex Zakrzewski, Apollo Ivins, Zirak Engineer, Cannon Mosteller, and Adam Flores) who went to the CIF Finals in their respected events. 

Last but not least, WDV Track had their first State Champion in the Hurdles, won by Olivia Griffin!

Congratulations to our All-League Athletes and to our CIF Champion!