Congratulations to Tiara Jackson for swimming her way into Howard University. This past week she signed her intent to Swim while being celebrated by her WDV Swim coach, Tina Hannouche, her teammates and family in our Hall of Fame

Impressive is an understatement in describing Tiara Jackson’s accomplishments. Tiara began swimming at six years old and joined her first competitive swim team at 8 years old. At 10 years old, she qualified for the Junior Olympics!

With over 100 awards including rubber ducks, ribbons, and medals, there is no questioning her talent. When asked where her drive comes from, she stated “mainly to represent all black people and people who don’t have the opportunity to swim.”
In addition to swimming on the D1 Swim Team at Howard University, she will be majoring in Biology in hopes of becoming a Sports Medicine Physician.
We are looking forward to hearing great things from Tiara in years to come!