Save the date! On March 27th during the three lunch periods at the 201 N. Douglas building (between 11:20-1:20 PM), we will have Rev Varsity onsite for letterman jacket fittings for athletes who received varsity letters. This is an athletic program tradition we are putting in place this school year as we compete in our new, more challenging, Pioneer League.

For an athlete to become eligible to receive a varsity letter, each athlete must remain eligible throughout the entire season. In order to be eligible, an athlete must participate on a varsity team, maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA throughout the season, and not be sidelined due to a team or school violation. Once an athlete has completed their sport season and met the requirements as a Varsity athlete, the coach will award them with Wiseburn Da Vinci Varsity letters. Athletes can can choose to purchase a jacket to put the letters on, if desired, but it’s not mandatory to buy a jacket as it is an out of pocket cost. Athletes who have already earned their letters are encouraged to stop by the table by the North gym entrance to purchase and be fitted for their letterman jacket. You can download the Wiseburn Da Vinci order form here.

To start the order process on 3/27, a minimum of a $100.00 deposit is required at fitting. Another onsite date will occur approximately 4-5 weeks later as we complete our Spring season. Any student still in season, can also stop by to learn more about purchasing a jacket at the end of their season. Please look to your coaches or the Athletic Director for the letterman jacket form and more information.

For athletes at Connect High, information regarding on-site letterman jacket sizing will be sent out soon!

If you have questions, please contact Marissa Crook, Athletic Director, at