This week in Athletics we have the following events taking place as we close in on the end of our first Pioneer League Winter sports season:

Girls Basketball:
Plays Dorsey at 4PM in the WDV Gym on Tuesday 1/17.
On Wednesday 1/18, they will play at South Torrance at 5:30PM.

Boys Basketball:
JV will play this Wednesday, 1/18 at 3:30PM at South Torrance followed by the Varsity Boys at 7PM.

Boys Soccer:
Varsity Boys play 1/18 @ South Torrance at 3:15PM followed by JV Boys at 4:45PM.
JV Boys will also @ Hawthorne on Friday 1/20 at 5:00PM.

Girls Soccer:
Plays @ home at Juan Anza Elementary. JV at 4:15pm and Varsity at 5:45PM.
Valley Cup Make-up games:
JV Girls play Saturday 1/21, at 5:00PM.
V Girls play Saturday 1/21, at 6:30PM.



Go Wolves!